Postland Rail Riots 2016

Once again, Postland Theory is back with an edit from their annual rail riding convention titled, Rail Riots. A lot of crazy tricks happen in the three days that Postland gets the Montana Snow Center to themselves and it really seems like a lot of fun. Snowboarders and friends from all over Europe made the trip to come camp, party, and lay down feats of technical rail riding. Stay tuned for the Deer Man of Dark Woods tribute section. Can’t wait for Rail Riots 2017!

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Deep in Japan

Victor spotting his deep, fluffy landing in Japan. Photo: Jeff Brockmeyer

Deep in Japan

In snowboarding, the last name De Le Rue evokes images of hairball lines and massive backcountry kickers—every trick and every line executed with effortless style—and Victor is quite competent with those things. But his approach to snowboarding is nomadic. Words like “search” and “explore” are intrinsic to his ethos. They manifest in his riding. This year he traveled to Japan, and his time there was more than a week-long trip with the sole goal of stacking hammers.

Japan was a location for Victor to absorb; the snowboarding was part of the equation. The cultural learning was on par with the conditions ridden, and Victor came away from his month spent there with gigabytes of footage and a newfound appreciation for the place in which it was logged.

The terrain Victor and Elias Elhardt rode went beyond the low-angle tree-riding often associated with Japan, but the greater experience is what will keep these two coming back to this place which is like no other.

Supported by: The North Face, Vans, Buff

We’ve created 30 additional videos while filming for Insight so you can learn a bit more about the riders involved. Watch for a new release every Monday and Thursday only on
Full movie available November 1, 2016 on iTunes and more.

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The Manboys Movie – Official Trailer

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything unappealing about this trailer. The Manboys have been grinding away all season to bring you a video full of heavy tricks and playful style. Venturing across all types of terrain, the boys seemingly went just about everywhere to film this movie. Get ready for a full throttle, multifaceted, impossible to imitate movie featuring a roster of high caliber snowboarders (Chris RasmanRusty OckendenCraig McMorrisJody WachniakMatt BelzileAnto Chamberland, and Mark Sollors) to drop this fall.

“The boys are back at it this year with a couple of new friends and a whole new project. Here’s a sneak peek of the movie that will definitely, but not actually, blow your socks off. Enjoy and stay tuned for more from The Manboys!” – Shredbots

Coming to iTunes October 18th 2016.


Finally THE MANBOYS MOVIE – Official Trailer

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Bruners Video Official Teaser

Following last year’s release of Nowamean’s Renaissance, is the teaser for The Bruners Video. Throughout the years, people have came and gone from the crew which is The Bruners. A snowboard crew based out of Montreal looking to produce the best snowboard video they can, and yes, they’re are on the right track. This movie is a fresh start for the crew, straying away from Nowamean and returning to Bruners roots. The teaser consists of some street lines, unorthodox rail riding, a method, and some Chris Fellner lifestyle clips. Really excited for this one!

Watch More of the Latest Snowboard Videos Here 

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Vans Snow Welcomes Victor Delerue to the Family


It was meant to be! Victor Delerue has finally landed his feet in some Vans boots. After stomping so many bangers and collecting massive video parts, the younger brother from the Delerue family has made a forename for himself. The frenchman is now one of the top backcountry riders in the world, being able to spine double corks and drop in on some of the steepest lines from the Alps to Alaska. This year he filmed for the full length Transworld movie « Insight » and the prestigious Brain Farm production « the Fourth Phase ». We are really excited to welcome such a smiley character in our team and we can’t wait to see where his riding will go.

“It might sound cheesy but I have been wearing and buying Vans since I was a kid. Back then I’d never have thought that one day I will be part of such a prestigious family.
As a professional snowboarder I’ve been involved in many adventures, and its the people I’m working with down the road that make the whole journey something special. But at this stage in my career I wanted to feel the support of a partner with a true commitment to snowboarding, luckily that is the exact feeling I get from Vans, a very unique core brand dedicated to action sports” says Victor Delerue, newest member of the Vans snow family.”

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all things Victor in the forthcoming snow season.


p: Jeff Brockmeyer

Vans, “Off The Wall” Since ’66

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Videograss Half Off – Teaser – Half the crew, half the price, twice as good!

The newest movie from Videograss is dropping this fall, a collaboration between nine technically savvy, monstrously talented riders and the filmmaking chops of John Stark. It’s “half the crew, half the price, twice as good!” Presenting Half Off. A winter spent in the streets with Brady Lem, Cole Navin, Colin Wilson, Jesse Gouveia, Jordan Morse, Jordan Small, Layne Treeter, Mammouth Durette, and Riley Nickerson.

From VG:

HALF OFF! Half the crew, half the price, twice as good! If you are wondering where the Rendered Useless crew has gone, well most of them have come here mixed with some of the guys from Videogracias. This is our fall offering…enjoy

Movie coming your way middle of October on DVD and iTunes.

Supported by:
DC, Lobster, Active, Stepchild, Howl, Ashbury, Holden, Snowboarder Magazine, Leader Winch Co., 686

KEEP YOUR EYES OUT FOR OTHER VIDEOGRASS PROJECTS IN THE WORKS, WE GOT THE ADIDAS “3 A.M.” MOVIE FEATURING Tommy Gesme, Derrek Lever, and Alex Sherman HITTING THE WEB THIS FALL, AS WELL AS OUR EXTENDED RELEASE COMING OUT THE END OF JANUARY 2017 FEATURING: Jed Anderson, JP Walker, Joe Sexton, Jeremy Jones, Spencer Schubert, Alex Cantin, Chris Bradshaw, Benny Urban, Mark Wilson, Zak Hale, Jake OE, Justin Fronius, and Jake Welch.


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Discover Chile: Extended Cut

Adding more epic shots to his short film Discover Chile, Jake Blauvelt takes us further into his Chilean passion project. The Extended version reveals Jake’s inspiration behind this magical trip to the Andes and an in depth look on how he made it happen.

“Ride along with Jake Blauvelt and get to know the people who made this snowboard adventure possible. ‘Experiencing Chile is a true treat and getting to roam the Andes on snowmobiles with Dos Tiempos and stay with a local family in Lo Valdes made it that much better. Can’t wait to get down there again!’ Said Jake. Featuring Cristian Wehrhahn & Paulo Audisio of Dos Tiempos guide service.
Directed by Nathan Avila of Collab Films.” – COLLAB FILMS

Discover Chile with Jake Blauvelt: Extended Cut | TWSNOW

Finally Discover Chile with Jake Blauvelt: Extended Cut

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SRD – Recreational Use Full Movie

Fearless, weird, and refreshing. The SRD boys got the job done and they’re got the job done right. Always ready for whatever Mother Nature blows their way; these guys are able to think quickly and cleverly when they need to find a spot. Aggressive on unpredictable takeoffs and slushy landings, the SRD crew was pushing their limits and fearless while doing so. Sacrificing their boards and their bodies, this group of bizarre characters put a lot of effort into this movie and it sure as hell paid off.

“SRD Presents “Recreational Use” – Featuring Lucio DM, Conner Felix, Landis King, Kyle Larson, Jack Lawrence, Brett Mills, Tom O’Reilly, Josh Powell, Finn Westbury, JJ Westbury and Friends. Snowboarding is for recreational use only.” – SRD

SRD - Recreational Use | TWSNOW

Finally SRD – Recreational Use

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