Team Canada trains with police recruits

Extraordinary training day for Team Canada last Monday: Four athletes of the Canadian ski jumping team took part in a joint training session with recruits of the Calgary Police Service.

During this session the ski jumpers did the same exercises as the young police officers, like pull-ups, push-ups and relay drills. “We focus mainly on sprinting and legs, and less on upper body. This was more collaborative and orientated for teamwork. It’s definitely been a good thing — it taught our team how to be more supportive, and we learned a lot from working with the recruits”, Taylor Henrich told the newspaper “Calgary Herald”.

“It’s giving them a sense of teamwork. Ski jumping is an individual sport, but you’re better as an individual when you’re part of a team, and we’re giving these guys a sense of what it’s like to be part of an amazing team”, Tom Reid, president of Ski Jumping Canada, is quoted on

And the police recruits also benefit from this new kind of cooperation. “We do this three times throughout the six-month training period. It’s interesting to do it with other people”, Fraser Waldron of the Calgary Police explained.

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Source: SKI

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